John Clark - Managing Partner

Karin Hahn - Partner

Christian Scharff - Software Development

Ahmet Emre Acar - Tech Spotter

Prof Dr Klaus Rebensburg - Advisor


Scripts for cinema films and tv programming:

Radio plays for Children, distributed by Der Hoerverlag, Munich, including adaptions in German of Lewis ´Carrol's "Alice in Wonderland" and Kenneth Grahame's, "The Wind in the Willows".

ONLINE provides verbatim recordings of internationally respected opinion makers and academics, alongside book reviews and blog opinion.

Content-TV is regularly seen by viewers in 65 countries and is recognised as a citable source for academic purposes.


'BPC Screenplay' for writers and writer/directors has been developed in house to enable the creation of animatics during scriptwriting and development.

We work with Universities in Berlin and Potsdam on development work for Semantic Web Technologies, Content for High Speed networks and Web 2 applications for the academic community.


Enabling international companies establish their presence in the German media, including licencing, resourcing and locations.

Our work has included the creation of tv stations for Europe and introducing a US Media Training business to the German market.

Established in 1998, THE BERLIN PICTURE COMPANY is a limited partnership based in Berlin, Germany.