A printer who can draw, a professional book thief with a private obsession, Moses Hoffman, Mo, is a product of West Berlin - a city which no longer exists. Hemmed in by the Red Army and ringed by the Berlin Wall, West Berliners like Mo were both loud mouthed and assertive, yet cautious, suspicious, even claustrophobic characters, a couple of million people who lived under the shadow of World War Three. Their world changed forever when the Berlin Wall was torn down, but the strange psychology of encirclement still frames their characters today.


A Berlin novel, 'Lone Hunter' begins in Istanbul. Years have passed since German Reunification and the Wall is no more. Mo can savour life, now that the threat of mutually assured destruction has been lifted. Trained as a printer, he works as a thief for his childhood friend Hagen, travelling the world in search of rare books and ancient manuscripts. Life suddenly begins to get more complicated, when the spoils of his criminal forays turn out to be other than they seem.....


A life of luxury in Venice was way beyond Mo's expectations, until it happened. But no-one can be idle for long. He misses his partner Inez. He is drawn back to Berlin. He is lured to Vienna. He is entraced by a beautiful young woman, Mona. Inspired to make Venetian pictures of a kind never seen before, the people he becomes embroiled with have goals that far exceed his dreams.


Three hundred years into the future, a group of Reconstructionist historians are exploring the early twenty first century, with its economic crisis' and the first flowering of a globally networked society - events which shaped the future. Amanda and Lisa live in a very different world to that of Mo and his associates. But history has assumed a special role as the knowledge base for the virtual networks they enjoy. Historians can certainly change their versions history, but what does that mean for their future and the powerful figures who control the world as it seems?

Three novels in contrasting genres, 'Moses Hoffman Trilogy' has an underlying theme, exploring the question of authenticity. How can anything be both genuine and fake? How does opinion over-ride the evidence? What kind of falsification is the reinterpretation of history?

Reviewed by ex-Berliner magazine, Eve Lucas described 'Lone Hunter' as 'an astonishing piece of prose'. A print edition of 'Lone Hunter' is published by the 'Avinus Verlag' Berlin, price �20.


BPC-Screenplay enables scriptwriters to create an animatic of their script with images and audio of their dialogue, while they are at work on their script.

For use with Windows and .NET2, the software was designed for Windows XP. It was designed by John Clark and the code written by Christian Scharff.

A user licence costs �25 and can be purchased here, or via the bpc-screenplay website.

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New E-books planned for the coming year will include a set of reviews from Karin Hahn from 2002 onwards for publishers and book trade professionals. We are also intending to publish a set of short stories in German by a Berlin author. A variety of other titles are also under consideration.

We continue to create screenplays and develop projects for film and tv.

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