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Contemporary Timothy Brennan - The Southern Intellectual: The Indian Diaspora and Interwar Europe. faculty page -Minneapolis
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Breyten Breytenbach - Notes from the Middle World wikipedia biography
Roger Chartier: The Cultures of Cultural History. - an exchange with Valentin Gröbner.
le monde article 2005
Valentin Gröbner .The Cultures of Cultural History. - an exchange with Roger Chartier. hist net entry

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Dietmar Rothermund: Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa: A Voice from the Perify uni heidelburg
Karel Srp: Karel Teige -The Borders of Solitude. city gallery prague
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Vijay Mishra (Perth, Australia) "Traumatic Memory, Mourning and V.S. Naipaul
Mawuena Logan (Botswana), Richard Serrano (USA)

Identity, Self-realisation and the Post-Colonial Novel

Makarand Paranjape, (Delhi), "Indian Anglophony, Diasporan Polycentrism and Post Colonial Futures.
Harish Trivedi (Delhi) "Postcolonial Centre, Postmodernist perifery: Reversing a Discursive Hierarchy"
Tomas Venclova (Yale) - Joseph Brodsky, Anna Akhmatova: A Meeting in a Poem.
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Wim Wenders - 'Dont Come Knocking'
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