The Berlin Picture Company GbR(John Clark & Karin Hahn) is a partnership with liability limited to the value of the business, providing a commercial framework for our freelance activities.

Our activities include production, project development, e-books, journalism and consultancy for media businesses seeking to become active in Germany.

Karin Hahn is a literary critic and journalist specialising in literature for children and young people.

John Clark is a writer and film-maker.


John Clark & Karin Hahn,

The Berlin Picture Company GbR(John Clark & Karin Hahn),


14059 BERLIN


Phone: +49-30-324-9182

email: contact(at)

Tax: Steueramt Charlottenburg (Berlin), Steuernummer:13/252/62762

Bankverbindung: Commerzbank Berlin, Account: John Clark & Karin Hahn.

Our current products include:

  • WRITERS' BLOCK - The Movie
  • BOOKS AND E-BOOKS: Our titles include:

    'Ciao Charlie' - an entertainment of a thriller set in Trieste, where Charlie is British consular bureaucrat.


  • `Ciao Charlie` is also available via Amazon and as an e-book for Kindle.

    'The Moses Hoffman Trilogy' is concerned with the life and legacy of a professional from West Berlin, who grew up during the Cold War Era, whose experiences have astonishing consequences for the whole of humanity. Volume 1 is 'Lone Hunter', Vol 2 'Animal Self' and Vol 3 'The Swoop'.

    WRITERS´ BLOCK or the Assassin and the Surgeon from John Clark on Vimeo.