...the movie for Surgeons, Authors and Assassins Everywhere!

WRITERS´ BLOCK or the Assassin and the Surgeon from John Clark on Vimeo.


- a black comedy - 81mins, English

"Some people would rather have a writer than a dog. You don't have to take us for walks and we clean up after ourselves. Culture in the community, you know what I mean, yet another new job."

When 'The Writer' arrives in the lives of a typical Berlin couple, 'The Assassin' and 'The Surgeon', they probe the depths of professional irresponsibility.


Susanne Eisenkolb - The Surgeon

Susanne is an incredibly versatile performer. She can act, she can dance and she can sing. She can even turn somersaults on horse-back and as well as having played major roles in big theatres, like Berlin's 'Theater des Western', she's a great supporter of the emerging sport of equestrian gymnastics.

Using all her skills at deadpan comedy, Susanne plays 'The Surgeon' with a chameleon like ability to expose the flaws in the character of someone who works as a most trusted professional.

Susanne began her career in Vienna and has worked in theatres throughout Germany and Austria in musicals, comedy and classic theatre. Based in Berlin, her latest project about the life of Bertha von Suttner, a remarkable woman who not only won a Nobel Prize, but helped invent them, is taking Susanne to the lost world of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. to see what Susanne is working on now, click here

Christoph Schobesberger - The Assassin

A debonaire figure with a hint of rakishness, Christoph is a familiar face on German television from roles in long running drama series, or more recently in cinema as a prosecuting lawyer opposite Patrick Swayze in 'Jump'. "Writers' Block" gave Christoph the opportunity to play a completely different kind of professional, the therapist turned assassin, who is, to be quite blunt, 'a complete and utter bastard'.

Christoph started young and has never stopped, first as a member of the Vienna Boy's Choir, then training as an actor in Vienna, under Klaus Maria Brandauer among others, to combine his talent as an actor with his skills as a musician. He's become adept at one-man shows, performing "Protecting the Caveman" and taking his 'Sinatra' to venues across Europe. to find out what Christoph is up to click here

John Yamoah - The Writer

John Yamoah is one of only a tiny handful of English trained actors, who is equally at home playing in German. His tv work includes a leading criminal figure in 'Tatort' the feature film length police series - 'it's always more interesting to be the bad guy', and his theatre work embraces the range of classic plays from Shakespeare to Fugard in theatres like Berlin's 'Schiller Theater' and the State Theatre in Stuttgart. John trained at Webber-Douglas in London having grown up in Ghana as the artist in a family of talented brothers and sisters who have made their mark all over the world in medicine, academia and politics. John's outstanding ability is to bring a gentleness and humanity to his characters which can convince us that these are people, who despite their flaws, have a real empathy with those around them. It is a quality quite rare among the German acting community and one that makes him a valuable colleague. to cast John in your next production, click here


John Clark is a private person who doesn't like publicity and dislikes giving interviews.

"When I wrote "Writers' Block" it seemed a pity not to make it, so we did and now you can watch it."

"Writers' Block" is partly about the role of the scriptwriter in movie making, but the dramatic concept takes a look at the way people reveal their attitudes to their professions when they are in their private space as a couple. It is also a movie created as a partnership between friends. In one way or another, we have known each other for years. "I wanted to see how the dialogue would work on the screen. The actors were interested in working in English, which is fairly restricted in Germany. Frank Haller, who is an accomplished documentary film-maker and has worked a lot in theatre was interested in shooting something fictional, while Irene Wins, make-up, 'Bert' Sachs and Sandra were looking to extend their experience. This helped build the character of the film as a 'Premake Production', which I think of as the first step in the history of a movie. Who knows what will happen next?"

John Clark lives in Berlin and quite likes it.

A Premake Production

"Writers' Block" is a finished film for audiences to enjoy, but it has also been produced as an experimental 'Premake Production'.

The 'Premake' concept has been devised by the Berlin Picture Company to create a bridge between the world of independent film and that of 'high end' projects, borrowing from theatre to redefine the way movie projects are conceived.